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Tips on how to protect your phone

  1. Know where your phone is and what hazards may be lurking nearby. Can a curious child or pet reach it on that table? Did you remember to retrieve it from the roof of your car where you set it while wrestling with groceries?
  2. Don’t take crazy chances. Warming your hands over a campfire invites disaster if you insist on holding your phone while you do! Same thing with holding your phone way, way out there as you snap a picture at the rim of the Grand Canyon.
  3. Be cautious in the bathroom. From setting your phone on a wet vanity to dropping it in the bathtub or toilet, the risks are obvious. And avoidable. It might be best to just keep your phone out of the bathroom entirely.
  4. Watch out for those pockets. Don’t put keys and coins in the same pocket as an unprotected phone or you’ll wind up with a scratched screen. If your phone is in your back pocket, be careful not to sit on it. Check your pockets before you do laundry to avoid inadvertently washing your phone. And when you slide your phone into your pocket, look to make sure that’s what you’re really doing—and not just “sliding” it to the floor.
  5. Buy a screen protector. This is an adhesive film you apply on your phone screen to protect it from scratches.
  6. Get a case for your phone and use it. Cases come in many styles, thicknesses and materials, offering varying degrees of protection if dropped or exposed to weather. The more active you are, the more rugged a case you should consider. If you’re really rough on your phone, check out the OtterBox® Defender® Series Case. It’ll wrap your device in three layers of protection, including covering your screen.

Protect your phone using these common-sense tips and be ready for unexpected incidents with insurance for your phone.